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Bandsaw Blades

Available welded to any length, for use in cutting carbon and stainless steels, polymers and plastics, and exotic metals such as titanium, and monel, as well as structural steel, granite and stone, composite materials and fiberglass.

Hole Saws

High Speed Steel, Carbide and Tungsten Carbide Particle tooth one and two-piece hole saws for plumbing, marine, construction, electrical, maintenance and automotive applications.

Hacksaw Blades

10″ and 12″ lengths in a wide range of tooth configurations to suit specific cutting requirements. Also available are power hacksaw blades in 12″ through 30″ lengths.

Reciprocating & Jig Saw Blades

Available with a variety of shanks to fit any tool for use with metals, plaster, wood, ceramic, tile, marble, slate and composites.

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