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Better service starts here

We have been a customer of Allgrade Bolt and Chain for 14 years, and use them exclusively for all of our standard and custom hardware requirements. In our line of business we are continually bombarded with custom hardware requests that are often required in very short time frames.

Allgrade’s ability to quickly and decisively solve any problem we present them has been the greatest asset in our working relationship. All of our orders are delivered on time and without error or unforeseen back orders, that kind of accountability is hard to find in suppliers these days.

We value Allgrade as a key partner to our business, not just a supplier.

Allgrade has been a valuable partner of ours for over 20 years and have been an important part of our growth and success. We consistently receive the highest standard of service and accountability from Allgrade, they are always quick to respond to our emergency requirements, and have shown true commitment to ensuring our stock items are always available.

In a fast paced and evolving industry like ours, Allgrade has shown they can rise to the occasion and do their part to help us succeed, a truly dedicated partner.

Allgrade Bolt and Chain is one of our key suppliers and we couldn't ask for a more dedicated partner. They continually impress us with their extremely high level of customer service, price competitiveness and their commitment to inventory to support our business.

The team at Allgrade rises to any challenge we give them. We highly recommend them and wish them continued success!

Allgrade Bolt & Chain has been an integral part of our business for over 20 years. Their dedication to our VMI program has been remarkable, now stocking over 600 custom parts in order to ensure that production is never interrupted by a hardware shortage. The level of commitment they show in this area and many others, makes an immeasurable impact on us and our customers.

Allgrade has always been available to help with technical questions, rush deliveries for our non VMI requirements, and seemingly anything else we need. They are a difference maker in our business and a true outlier in their industry.

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